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Hello friends. After almost 10 years, I have come to my last year in India. Next month my visa will expire and since my latest text Tibetan Buddhist Essentials marks the completion of my education here at Sera Jey Monastery, it’s time for me to get out in the world and start sharing what I’ve learned. I’ve decided a great way of starting this new chapter in my life would be to undertake a pilgrimage of Buddhist Asia. So, next month on Oct. 1st I’ll be departing India and will arrive in Sri Lanka beginning a 12-month pilgrimage which will carry me through Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, and Mongolia. If all goes well, I plan to travel from Mongolia, through Russia and begin a pilgrimage of Europe. I’ll be traveling with only my begging bowl, backpack, and laptop for writing. My plan is to stay at monasteries of the different Buddhist traditions while gathering material on meditation and monasticism for future books. I will be surviving only on local alms (charity) for shelter, food, and land travel, although I will be dependent on online donations for any air travel, visas, and entry/exit fees…The adventure begins Oct. 1st.
You can follow my travels on facebook at:
If you would like to participate in my journey by lending your support, please click on my help and support page on this website. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Revised Debate Text 4th Edition

A revised version of my debate text:
Debate Text-1 / Foundations of Debate
Collected Topics (for English speakers)
is now available for free download from the download library








This revision includes additional maps on the debate subjects of:
Asserting Objects
Asserting Object Possessors
Mind and Mental Factors
Hearer’s Grounds and Paths
Solitary Realizer’s Grounds and Paths
Bodhisattva’s Grounds and Paths

Spoken Tibetan Basics

For those looking for an easily accessible no-nonsense beginner’s guide to the spoken Tibetan language, look no further. This unique text shares a presentation of the Tibetan language that is currently being spoken by Tibetans throughout India and the world.
1st edition 2013 – Download free from the download library


Spoken Tibetan Basics
a Tibetan Language Primer  (for English speakers)
Free Download: Tib-Spoken-Basics.PDF






Monastic ordination 2010


The Three Gifts


The Three Gifts – three practices you can give to the world every day. 
Though useful anytime, this practice is mainly meant to be applied when engaged with others. These qualities are contagious and bring out the best in ourselves and others.

1) Calmness
your gift of spaciousness, clarity, sense of harmony and contentment. Your patience, tolerance, and ease. Being cool-headed and rational minded.

How do we become calmer?
Simply wishing to be calmer is a start. By slowing down, and focusing on the breath, being mindful and aware, being in the moment, content and aware of others needs. The practices of mediation, mindfulness, yoga and Tia-Chi are excellent methods for making us calmer.

2) Caring
your gift of a caring attitude towards others. Your warmth, kindness, compassion, altruistic intention and sense of responsibility and concerned toward others. Being considerate, generous, openhearted and helpful.

How do we become more caring towards others?
By seeing others as people like ourselves and recognizing our shared humanity. Becoming less selfish and putting other’s needs before our own. Understanding the problems that come from self cherishing and the benefits in caring about others.

3) Stability
your gift of stability (mental, emotional and in relation to others).
Your balance, strength, consistency, dependability and maturity. Being durable, tough, self controlled and fair. Being a stable friend and parent while helping to create stability in others.

One of the qualities obtained through Buddhist practice is becoming a more stable person. When meeting genuine spiritual masters, I think their quality of stability is the most magnetizing to us. This sense of stability they radiate, reaches out and creates a feeling of calmness and peace in us. Giving us a feeling of hope and confidence that our own spiritual goals are achievable.

Stability might be the commodity we desire the most, but don’t know it.
From marriage to employment, weather to health, from our most basic needs, to our evening’s entertainment, there is not an aspect of our lives that we wouldn’t wish to be more stable. We want every apple to taste as sweet, every movie to be as funny and every holiday to be as pleasant. But stability is a quality that most of us rarely try to develop. When we talk about the quality of our daily lives, stability often just sounds idealistic. But stability is, at the very heart of our most basic desires and fears.

How do we become more stabile?
Again, just being aware of and recognize that stability is a quality worth cultivating is enough to get started. Understand its benefits to ourselves and others. Self-confidence is a key part, to stop doubting and start believing in ourselves and the power of our influence on others. How we take in information and how we react to events and things said to us, are also vital components to stability.

  • Developing the first two gifts (calmness and caring) is a foundation for building stability.
  • Taking in information with a cool and rational mind
  • Taking a minute before reacting, is a useful tool in becoming more stable.
  • Watching language, like watching a river. People’s thoughts and language flow out like a river. Distinguish what is important and what is not, let most of it pass by, especially any offensive speech, pay no attention to it, and wait for something meaningful to be said.

When combined, these three gifts of calmness, caring and stability create qualities of Grace, decency, and elegance. Making us more magnetizing to others and appearing more attractive both physically and in persona. These qualities enrich others while bringing out the best in us all.

Today I choose liberation


Today I choose liberation

Tired of irrepressible thinking spoiling my noble intention,
Negative actions, destroying my positive potential,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of pleasing my friends and avoiding my enemies,
Failing to meet expectations and having others failing to meet mine,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of persona, expressions and looks of surprise,
Meetings with pleasing faces and saccharine smiles,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of serious thinking and walking fast
Being wise, being clever, being something, being better,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of what others think or think it matters what I may,
Tired of fitting in and being a part of the gang,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of respect and need of respect in return,
Tired of compliment, status and my daily calculating of my worth,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of being funny, entertaining, interesting, and coy,
Tired of telling “my story”, while wishing it was better,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of neurotic caring and idiot compassion for fools,
Obsessive purpose fulfillers and the immediate righteous cause,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of boundaries and division, lines drawn in the sand,
Lines declaring enemies and lines protecting friends,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of tomorrow, today and events of the past,
Of soon, of almost, of one day,
Today I choose liberation

Tired of consequence, of threat, of hope and reward,
Tired of nights in sleepless deliberation,
Today I choose liberation

Tired, tired, tired…tired period.
Finally and fully exhausted, some things just need to be,
You see liberation needs no fuel, for its not ahead, but at our feet.
For thoughts are not the problem, you see,
It’s the unruly engine ” thinking” that pushes from behind,
But when “thinking’s” fuel is exhausted,
Thoughts are freed and can calmly and naturally arise.
Forward motion exhausted, we sit…in peace…in still…liberated.

–  Tenzin Tharpa