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Dear friends,
Thank you for your interest in this material. I hope it brings you the clarity, insight, and freedom that you seek. In my writing, I endeavor to make the Buddha’s teachings available to a wide audience, while also striving to convey the positive, life-affirming joy that permeates the Buddha’s teachings, yet is often lost or overlooked in dry translations. For when understood properly, every aspect of the Buddha’s teachings pertains to freedom and liberation; freedom from our daily self-imposed suffering, and liberation from mundane and unsatisfactory existence. In the spirit of the Buddha’s vast generosity, all of my work, be it teaching or writing, is always free. If you enjoy this text and would like to see work of this nature continued, please consider lending your support.

Thanks and prayers
Tenzin Tharpa
Sera Jey Monastery, Bylakuppe, India.

The material below is original and free to all. It may be shared, copied, downloaded, uploaded, and redistributed in any medium or format, including parts, sections, images, or graphics–although credit to the author(s) must be given. Schools, dharma centers, and teachers are encouraged to share, copy, and upload this material freely to students and to include it as part of their study curriculum. This material may not be altered or built upon without formal permission from its author(s). This material may not be used for commercial purposes, including distributing/selling for profit. The copyright of this material may not be modified or additional restrictions added.

All the material below is under copyright – Copyright © 2018 Venerable Tenzin Tharpa
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Meditation Basics
A short instruction manual to meditation
Free download: Meditation-Basics.PDF

Mindfulness Basics
A short instruction manual to mindfulness
Free download: Mindfulness-Basics.PDF

Awakening Through Appreciation
A practice of cultivating happiness and contenment
Free download: Appreciation.PDF

The Four Gifts Practice
Free download: The Four Gifts.PDF

Asperations and Affirmation: A Prayer Book
Free download: Prayer book.PDF

Mental Discipline Aspiration
Free download: Mental Discipline.PDF

Tibetan Buddhist Essentials: A Study Guide for the 21st Century
An expansive modern view of Tibetan Buddhism for students of diverse backgrounds and sensibilities. This unique text series shares an authentic yet progressive presentation of Tibetan Buddhism in an easily accessible no-nonsense format.
Volume 1: Introduction, Origin, and Adaptation
1st edition 2018 – free download: TBE-Vol-1.PDF
Volume 2: The Buddha’s teachings
1st edition 2018 – free download: TBE-Vol-2.PDF
Volume 3: Engaging Buddhism
1st edition 2018 – free download: TBE-Vol-3.PDF

Debate Primer Text 1
Fundamentals of Debate / Collected Topics (Dudra) – (for English speakers)
A dialectic debate primer and method text for Tibetan monastic debate in the Tibetan language.
4th edition 2015 – free download: Debate-Text-1.PDF

Spoken Tibetan Basics
A spoken Tibetan language primer (for English speakers)
1st edition 2013 – free download: Tib-Spoken-Basics.PDF

Spoken Tibetan Basics for portable devices
Divided into three shorter files for ease of use.
File-1: Main grammar section
1st edition 2013 – free download: 
File-2: Vocabulary in phonetic English (Quickstart)
1st edition 2013 – free download: 
File-3: Vocabulary in Tibetan script
1st edition 2013 – free download: 

Tibetan Conversation Method Text-1 (for English speakers)
1st edition 2013 – free download: Tib-Conv-Text-1.PDF

Question Sheets with mp3 Audio
Tibetan language ear training (for English speakers)
Free download:

Tibetan Verb Exercises-1
Verb blocks (for English speakers)
Free download: Tibetan Verb Blocks.PDF 

Tibetan Verb Exercises-2
Learning verbs through imperatives (for English speakers)
Free download: Tibetan Verb Imparitives.PDF

English Conversation Method Text-1 (for Tibetan speakers)
2nd edition 2013 – free download: Eng-Conv-Text-1.PDF

English Conversation Method Text-2 (for Tibetan speakers)
1st edition 2013 – free download: Eng-Conv-Text-2.PDF

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