My True Nature

A daily affirmation recited each morning

Affirmation of my own true nature
I exist as a conceptual identity, an idea; imputed upon collections labeled mind, collections labeled body, and collections labeled experiences. I am an ethereal and wondrous entity, blessed with infinite potential, and an unlimited capacity for good. These collections and identity are not static elements but instead are dynamic processes, existing interdependently in a state of constant and infinite change. My reality is a subjective interpretation of an objective world, perceived through limited sense perception and understood by way of a collective conceptual construct, which serves as a beneficial interface with my environment. My liberation is contingent on my ever-deepening understanding of this truth. Therefore, my practice is the daily cultivation and embodiment of this truth, leading to its direct experiential realization, which is enlightenment.

~ Venerable Tenzin Tharpa

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