Sera Jey Ngari Khangtsen – My house group and home

Ngari Khangtsen at Sera Jey Monastery, South India
At Sera Jey there are sixteen house groups called ‘Khangtsens’. My Khangtsen is the Ngari Khangtsen. Each khangtsen is linked to a province in Tibet and has to accommodate the monks that hail from these areas. These house groups function independently from the main monastery with each house group having the responsibility to provide the living necessities for their own monks, which includes housing, medical care, and educational material. Ngari Khangtsen was originally founded in western Tibet. Then in 1970 reestablished at Sera Jey Monastery in South India. Currently, Ngari Khangtsen has over 140 monks, which are mostly ethnic Tibetans from the Indian Himalayan regions and other Himalayan countries, including Nepal and Bhutan.