The Seven Instructional Words for Meditation

Once one’s intention is established, one slowly recites and contemplates the following seven instructional words, which lays the proper foundation for meditation practice. These seven instructional words may then be repeated throughout the session when needed to correct/restore proper alignment of the mind and body.

  1. Posture – A comfortable alert posture as if being drawn up by a string from the head
    and the shoulder blades slightly pulled together.
  2. Back – Accentuate the gentle inward curve in the small of the lower back.
  3. Joy – Engage the heart and bring a lightness and positive attitude to the practice.
  4. Acceptance – Sit without striving, judgment, or concerns.
  5. Equanimity – Slow the breath and mind establishing an effortless contentment.
  6. Concentration – Establish a clear, alert, bright, disciplined awareness.
  7. Focus – Engage a close intense focus upon the object; engage the body and switch on*.

* The term switch on pertains to engaging the meditation mind; a basic mental starting point known to experienced meditators. In calm abiding meditation the mind must shift from the doing mind (planning, analyzing, thinking) to the knowing mind (open awareness, experiencing, perceiving, feeling). Often meditators describe switching on as engaging a certain feeling, vibration, body awareness, or particular mental state. Switching on is unique and personal to each and every meditator.

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Seven Instructional Words.PDF