Top 10 Meditation Tips

Top 10 Meditation Tips

Venerable Tenzin Tharpa
August 27, 2020

Hello friends, I thought it would be fun to do a top ten tips for meditating and countdown my own favorite meditation tips 

#10)  Put comfort and quality over duration -It’s the quality of your meditation that’s important, not the duration of each session. A short, deeply engaged meditation is far more beneficial than an hour of conceptual chatter forcing yourself to sit in discomfort 

#9)  Keep your practice personal – Always remember that this is your mind and your practice, you need to explore and discover how meditation best works for you, eventually cultivating your own personal style of practice based on many hours of experience on the cushion. For as our minds are unique to each one of us, so too must be our meditation

#8)  See meditation as a well-deserved timeout – meaning, instead of seeing meditation as just one more chore on your long list of healthy things to do, see it as a well-deserved timeout from your busy day. A chance to gather your thoughts and energy and revitalize yourself. See your meditation as cultivating fresh starts throughout your day

#7)  Understand that unseen benefits are always occurring – regardless of how well you’re able to stay focused on your breath, the calmness cultivated in meditation profoundly affects your mind in countless subtle ways.

#6)  Begin by establishing your intentions with a meditation aspiration
I’ve shared my own below

#5)  Use a meditation checklist to make sure you’re engaging properly with your technique I’ve also shared this below

#4)  Touch the meditative state as much as you can throughout your day – the fact is, the more often we engage in meditation the easier it is to enter and be productive in that state. This can be accomplished by engaging in frequent three-breath meditations between your formal meditation sessions

#3)  Make up your mind to be in the present moment – for often we don’t harness our full attention and mechanically follow the breath without being fully present. Instead, increase the intensity of your focus to create an alert and bright mental state that’s clearly focused on the present moment

#2)  Smile during your meditation – this brings positivity to your practice, and regardless if your smile is genuine or contrived, by simply applying the gesture it will affect your mood

#1)  Make up your mind to enjoy each and every session


Meditation aspiration
With a deep appreciation for this precious life and a resolve not to waste it,
   I now engage in meditation.

With a deep conviction in the vast benefits and importance of this practice, 
  I now engage in meditation.
With the wish to develop myself and uncover my full potential,
   I now engage in meditation.

With the wish to gain mastery over my mind and emotions,
   I now engage in meditation.
With the wish to bring peace, contentment, and genuine happiness to my life,
  I now engage in meditation.
 With the wish to awaken from mundane habitual existence, 
   I now engage in meditation.
With a mature resolve to persevere in spite of any obstacles that might arise,
   I now engage in meditation.  
       ~ Venerable Tenzin Tharpa

Meditation checklist
1.  Posture – Engage in a comfortable alert posture, as if being drawn upwards by a string  attached to the crown of your head
2.  Hips – Rock the hips forward to accentuate the gentle inward curve of the lower back
3.  Joy – Smile and appreciation the present moment and this opportunity to practice
4.  Acceptance – Sit as an open observer, without striving, judgment, or concern
5.  Calmness – Slow the breath and mind establishing an effortless contentment
6.  Awareness – Be present, while establishing a clear, alert, and bright mental state
7.  Engage – Focus on the breath, switch on, and let go. When ready, silently say the word “meditating” to engage your meditation, then repeat it on each inbreath as needed            

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